Welcome to Start Up Leasing, Inc.!

Congratulations on starting your new business! We look forward to helping you get the equipment you and your new business deserve. We only provide leasing services to companies who are under 2 years in business

We believe that small business is the backbone of America and that tomorrow’s Fortune 500 companies are now just starting. Our goal to help you get there!

During 2006 we have financed equipment up to $750,000 for a start up company down to a $3,000 software system. These two companies are very different but had one thing in common. No bank would finance them! We did!


We can’t finance:
- Kiosks for Internet & ATM Machines
- Web Sites

Here are the parameters:

$30,000 of equipment with completed Application

Any amount over $30,000 we will need to review 2 years person tax returns on the entrepreneur, personal financial statement, and resume!

24-60 Months Payment Plans

Here is what we do:

Approve the transaction
Send out lease agreement
Order your equipment

It is that simple. It normally takes 4 to 6 hours to get approved, for equipment under $30,000, and once approved we email the documents to you. Once we have them back we will purchase your equipment.

Questions Call: 800-503-6709

If you are over 2 years in business we recommend eLease Equipment Leasing.